Since 1st November 2003 MAGSYS in Asia is represented through the company AGATE Precision Engineering located in Singapore. Our previous Asian representative Mr. Teo Chew Meng has resigned at his own request and will no longer work in the field of magnetizing equipment. AGATE has been an important supplier of mechanical parts to MAGSYS for several years now and has some profound experience in the VCM business.

We are glad that we have been able to win AGATE as a competent and trustful partner for the Asian market and we would like to thank Teo Chew Meng for his effort through the past years.

From now on, your contact for all MAGSYS projects in Asia is Mr. Tan Kim Ling. 

agate 2

Changeover in Singapore
(Seng Y.C., Jim Eng Liang, Teo Chew Meng, Hartmut Pagel, Tan Kim Ling)