300 MeasuringStationSBased on MAGSYS measuring devices we design and build measuring stations.

The main application is the measurement of the flux density on the surface of multipole magnets or components with magnets. A large amount of measuring stations is built for rotors.


Size, flexibility, degree of automation and software scope are adapted to your requirements.

Any necessary rotation of the component is usually automated. The IGM11 Industrial Gaussmeter serves as the basis, which records the measured values together with the probe, but also determines the current angular position.

Depending on your requirements, one, two, three or four manual or automated axes will be integrated.


300 MeasuringStationLThe control software is individually written by us and is based on our many years of experience. We comply with your requirements regarding visualization, data storage, evaluation of the results (e.g. FFT analysis) and data transfer to higher-level systems.

Additional sensors can be integrated, for example to measure the surface of soft magnetic components or the distance to the surface.