MAGSYS magnet systeme GmbH

The company MAGSYS magnet systeme GmbH stands for tailor-made, sophisticated products and system solutions pertaining to the utilization of permanent magnets.

Since 1997, we have been valued by our customers throughout the world as a flexible and innovative partner for efficient and comprehensive solutions to challenges dealing with permanent magnets. These solutions include magnetizing systems and devices for permanent magnets, not only for manufacturers, but also for end-users.

Recent developments in the magnet sector, as well as high demands in the field of quality control, require high-quality magnetizing and measuring systems of the latest generation. We offer a wide range of specialized magnetic measuring devices, using the latest state-of-the-art technology to fulfill these growing demands in quality control. As a result, our magnetizing systems are incorporated in the production of a multitude of final products, for example:

  • Loudspeakers/Microphones
  • Sensors in the automotive industry (e.g. Antilock Braking Systems)
  • Positioning systems in hard disk drives
  • Electric motors of all sizes
  • Sealing tapes in refrigerators

MAGSYS was founded in 1997 and has been an international operation since day one, with our primary activities focusing on Europe, South East Asia, North America and Japan.

Our customers can count on our support directly and through our representatives in various European countries, South America, Japan, Australia and China.

Besides our representatives, we also provide service solutions in Singapore and the United States.

Thanks to our international team we have been able to set up a sound basis to guarantee close contact with our customers, not only in the field of sales and marketing, but in customer service as well.