This is a selective overview of our reference customers as well as a list of all products which have been magnetized with MAGSYS systems. For reasons of secrecy, we can give you an abridged version only.

Our reference customers operate in all industrial sectors. On demand, we will be more than happy to give you further contact information.


Sensors / Automotive

AB Elektronik GmbH Germany
Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.  USA
Balda AG Germany
Bi Technologies Corporation USA
Bourns, Inc. USA
Brose Germany / Hungary
Continental Automotive Germany / Malaysia /
India / China
Delphi Automotive Portugal / USA / Mexico
Dichtungstechnik G. BRUSS GmbH & Co. KG Germany
GETRAG Ford Transmissions GmbH Germany
Hoerbiger Hydraulik GmbH Germany
Infineon Technologies Germany
Kiekert AG Germany
Krohne Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Kuhnke Automotive GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Luk GmbH Germany
Luxalp S.A. France
Marsilli & Co. S.p.A. Italy
Oechsler AG Germany
paragon ag Germany
SAE Gardy S.A. France
Sonceboz SA Switzerland
TI Automotive USA
TRW Automotive Germany / USA / Mexico
Visteon Corporation Hungary / USA
Woco Industrietechnik Germany


Loudspeakers / Acoustics

AKG Acoustics Ges.m.b.H. / Harman Austria
Blaupunkt GmbH Germany
Bose Corporation USA
Harman/Becker Automotive Systems Ltd. Great Britain / Mexico
LPG Lautsprecher Produktions Gesellschaft mbH Germany
Morel USA
Panasonic - Matsushita USA
RCF S.p.A. Italy
Robert Bosch GmbH Malaysia / Tunisia / Portugal
Shabani Industries Ltd. Israel  
Shure, Inc. USA
Sica Altoparlanti, srl Italy
SING Audiotech Vietnam
Song Am Thanh Co. Ltd. Vietnam


Electrical Industry

Atlas Copco AB Sweden
Hamlin Electronics Corp. USA
Husqvarna AB Sweden
Mettler-Toledo AG Switzerland
MIPP GmbH Germany
Moeller GmbH / Eaton Industries GmbH Germany
Pacific Scientific USA
SATURN Electronics & Engineering, Inc. USA
TÜV Süd PSB Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Tyco GmbH Germany


Magnet Manufacturer

Aircom Manufacturing, Inc. USA
Arnold Magnetics USA / Switzerland
Bayer AG Germany
BT Magnet Technologie GmbH Germany
BVI Magnet GmbH Germany
Harco Laboratories, Inc. USA
Kendrion Binder Magnete GmbH Germany
Kolektor Magnet Technolgy GmbH Germany
Magnetfabrik Bonn GmbH Germany
Magnetfabrik Schramberg GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Magneti Ljubljana, d.d. Slovenia
Max Baermann Holding AG Germany
Precision Magnetics AG Switzerland
Rheinmagnet - Horst Baermann GmbH Germany
ThyssenKrupp Magnettechnik Germany
Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co. KG USA


Engine Manufacturer

AMT Schmid GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Antriebstechnik GEFEG GmbH und Co. KG Germany
Atlas Copco Tools AB Sweden
Baskurt Motor ve Kablosanayi A.S. Turkey
BMW AG Germany
Bombardier Transportation GmbH Germany
Bosch Rexroth AG Germany
Daimler AG Germany
Domel d.o.o. Slovenia
Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Etel S.A. Switzerland
General Motors Powertrain / Opel AG Germany / Austria
Hilti GmbH Germany
Junghans microtec GmbH Germany
Kohler Co. USA
Lego Hungaria Kft. Hungary
maxon motor AG Switzerland
Nidec Motors & Actuators (Germany) GmbH Germany
Northland Motor Technologies USA
Oase GmbH Germany
Pompes Salmson S.A.S. France
Remy International, Inc. USA
Robert Bosch GmbH Germany
Rockwell Automation, Inc. USA
Rolls-Royce Marine AS Norway
Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH Germany
Schneider Electric GmbH Germany
Siemens AG Germany
Standard Motor Products, Inc. USA
Tarasov Works Inc. Russia
Temic Automotive Electric Motors GmbH Germany
Tesla Motors, Inc. USA
Valeo France
Volkswagen AG Germany
Wilo SE Germany
WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH Germany


Medical Technology

Aesculap AG Germany

Bauerfeind AG Germany

Dyna Dental Engineering BV. Netherlands
KaVo Dental GmbH / SycoTec GmbH & Co. KG Germany
MIM Medizinische Instrumente u. Monitoring GmbH Germany


Voice Coil Mechanism / Harddrives

Magnetronics Technology Pte Ltd Singapore  
Min Aik Technology Co., Ltd Taiwan
MMI Holdings Ltd. Singapore / Malaysia / China
Precision Magnetics Pte.Ltd. Singapore
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. Malaysia
Vacuumschmelze Malaysia


Research and Theory

Institut für Gravitationsforschung Germany
Institut für Photonische Technologien e.V. (IPHT) Germany
Instituto de Pesquisas Technológicas Brazil
National University of Singapore Singapore
Synchrotron Soleil France


Products magnetized with MAGSYS systems

Sensors / Actuators
(mainly automotive sector)
  • Wheel bearing sensors
  • Counters
  • Speedometers
  • ABS sensors
  • Angle sensors
  • Choke positioning sensors
  • Level switches for automotive fuel tanks
  • Ignition coils
  • Encoder magnets (96-pole axial)
  • Sensor magnets for positioning in hydraulic cylinders (control of convertible roofs)
  • Cam shaft / crank shaft sensors
  • Flow meters (gases, liquids)
  • Control of fuel injection
  • Precision scales (magnetization / calibration)
  • Weight sensors
  • Switches for temperature, pressure, speed
  • Tachometer generator
  • Brake assist systems
  • Door lock systems
  • Position sensors in direct drive gears
  • Turbo charger sensors
  • Loudspeaker magnetization (ferrite and NdFeB) with diverse dimensions (standard or coaxial) in the center or strayfield
  • Microphones
  • Step motors e.g. for meters
  • Micro motors
  • Lift motors
  • Pump motors
  • Generators
  • DC-motors
  • Disk drives
  • Pole casings for wheel chair actuators, injection pumps, window lift motors
  • External rotor motors e.g. for hybrid drives
  • Fan motors
  • Encoder magnets for motors (radial or multipolar radial)
  • Electric motors / hybrid motors (automotive)
Switching Devices
  • (Residual current) circuit breakers: magnetization, calibration and measurements
  • Power switches: magnetization, calibration and measurements (SmCo)
Hard Disk Drives
  • Various systems for magnetization of a number of hard disk drive magnets with high cycle time
  • ZIP-drives
Fly Wheels
  • Chain saws
  • Two-stroke motors
  • Mobile phones (switching sensors)
  • Smooth-moving and sound tests as well as torque measurement at step motors
  • Test stands for speedometers
  • Test stands for external rotor motors
  • Measuring systems for hard disk drive systems
  • Measuring systems for automotive door locks
  • Measuring systems for shift forks (direct drive gears automotive)
  • Magnetic marginal checks in the production line
  • Measuring systems for DC-contactors
  • Abrasion detection on drill heads
  • Material detection (steel/stainless steel)
  • 3D-Helmholtz coils
  • General laboratory metrology
  • General magnetic metrology for quality assurance
Single Magnet Magnetization
  • all materials
  • all sizes
  • all pole shapes
  • axial
  • multipolar axial one-sided and two-sided
  • multipolar radial from the outside, from the inside, external and internal
  • diametral
  • lateral sector / application
  • Magnet production (e.g.. 5kg NdFeB)
  • Medical applications
  • Clamping
  • Overband magnets (magnetic separators)
  • Stabilization, calibratiaon and demagnetization in the center and strayfield