Pulse Magnetizing with MC Magnetizers

MC series magnetizers magnetize, calibrate and demagnetize all anisotropic and isotropic magnet materials of all sizes.
Especially all high-coercivity magnet materials such as Sm2Co17 or NdFeB magnets can easily be magnetized within a short cycle time.
The magnets can be magnetized by themselves or inside a complete workpiece.
The systems are modular and very flexible.


The magnetizer's energy is determined by the necessary magnetizing field strength and the size of the workpiece. The modular concept allows optimum custom design, it guarantees good price value and allows future modification to your modified magnet products and new technologies.

Our magnetizing systems are suitable both for a 3-shift production in an automated environment and for manual operation. Depending on the type of enclosure, the MC series magnetizer systems can be operated in soiled environment (common for magnet manufacturing) or in clean rooms (e.g. production of hard disk drives).

Parallel and serial I/O's come as a standard with the magnetizer, thus making it easy to connect to complex process control or quality assurance systems. Our pulse current measurement, standard in each magnetizer, ensures the required magnetizing field strength with each magnetization. The digital control guarantees accuracy and an easy user interface.

Application Examples

  • Demagnetization directly after moulding for a better efficiency of sinter ovens
  • Magnetization of raw magnets
  • Radial magnetization of magnet rings with high precision
  • Magnetization of mounted sensors to simplify the handling
  • Magnetization of completely assembled loudspeaker systems to avoid impurities during magnetization
  • Magnetization and automatic calibration of complete fuse breaker systems
  • Multipolar magnetization of moving coil systems for hard disk drives in clean rooms directly before mounting
  • Multipolar skewed magnetization of rotors or stators in permanent excited electric motors


Special Features

  • Fully digitally controlled
  • Modular set-up
  • Measurement and control of pulse current
  • Control panel protected against moisture and dirt
  • LCD display resistant against magnetic field
  • Simple operation
  • Clearly arranged backlit graphical display
  • Standard potential free serial interface
  • Standard potential free inputs and outputs to connect the magnetizer to your PLC or other signal devices
  • Standard temperature measurement of the connected magnetizing fixture
  • Self test during start-up
  • Extensive safety features
  • Software updates via PC interface
  • Optional: switchable energy adjustment
  • Optional: auto or manual pulse selection (exponential, sine or demag)
  • Optional: multiple outputs for alternating operation of several magnetizing fixtures
  • Several protection types for the enclosure


Technical Data

Energy Typically in the range of 100Ws to 50kWs; optional: the energy can be adapted by switching the capacitors.
Capacitor bank Bipolar metal paper capacitors. The capacitors contain non PCB oil.
Display Graphical LCD 125mm x 35mm², backlit, contrast adjustable via menu.
Keyboard Environmentally protected against moisture and dirt.
max. voltage 3000V; the voltage and the generated magnetizing field strength can be preset manually via the control board or via the serial interface
Voltage measurement The voltage at the capacitor banks is adjusted within the range of 200 to 3000V with an accuracy of ± 5V.
 Pulse shapes  


Sine-shaped rise of the magnetic field with sine-shaped decay. This type minimizes the fixture's heating up.


Sine-shaped rise of the magnetic field with e-shaped decay. This type causes the least possible rate of change of the magnetic field and thus minimizes possible problems with eddy currents.


Sine-shaped rise of the magnetic field with e-shaped decaying amplitude. For magnetization or demagnetization of the workpieces.


The magnetizer has one standard high-current output. As an option, additional outputs are possible.

High-current connection

Connection of the magnetizing fixture via massive brass bolts in a robust connection box on the back side of the device. As an option, the connection can also be on the front side or via plug and socket connectors.

Output current

max. 50kA during normal operation. The real output current and the pulse duration depend on the impedance of the magnetizing fixture.

 Current measurement  The magnetizing current is measured and displayed with an accuracy of 1%. There is a potentiol free analog output to control the pulse shape.
 Output impedance  Typically 2.5µH / 2mOhm
 Load impedance  The permissable impedance of the magnetizing fixture should be higher than 8µH / 10mOhm.
 Pulse rise  The pulse rate (di/dt) is max. 1000A / µs.

Charging unit

The load to the mains supply is kept nearly constant during the charging process. This gives a minimum charging time with minimum power loss. The control is synchronized with the line frequency. This avoids excessive load current and disturbing spikes on the mains supply.
Charging power Depending on the required cycle time, you can choose between three different charging types: 600 Watts / 1800 Watts and 3600 Watts.
 Charging time The charging time depends on the total energy of the magnetizer and the charging power of the charging unit. It is determined as charging time = energy / charging power; typical times are between 1 and 30 seconds.
 Cycle time The typical cycle time is charging time + 500ms.


Control and Operation

The machine is internally controlled by a Motorola microprocessor. The operation panel is equipped with a foil keyboard, thus being protected against moisture and dirt. The information is displayed on a graphical LCD (visible area 135mm x 40mm). The display is resistant against magnetic fields and is fitted with green background illumination.

By using the keyboard, you can input values such as charging voltage, limits of peak current monitoring, selection of output, and other parameters. Manual control of recharging, firing etc. also makes use of this keyboard. On the other hand, it is also possible to use a remote control and the device´s automatic control system. All relevant parameters are stored permanently inside the magnetizer, so that in case of power fail or after switching off the machine none of these data are lost. When switched on again, the magnetizer can continue operation without any need of new entries.

The voltage of the capacitors is permanently displayed. After a pulse has been fired, the peak current is also displayed.

Moreover, the software contains several service functions to ease check of the machine in case of an accident.

The magnetizer's serial interface allows fast software updates. The only thing required is a PC. By this, any changes in order to fit the equipment to varied production environment can be done within short time and at low cost.


Safety Features

The magnetizer is equipped with a number of safety features. Through these, a trouble-free and safe operation of the magnetizer can be ensured.

Charging process The charging process is continuously controlled by the microprocessor system. During malfunction the power unit is separated from the line supply and will be discharged.
Temperature The temperature of the magnetizing fixture is measured and displayed. On reaching the selected limit values, you will hear an alarm and the magnetizing system will be stopped.

Capacitor voltage

The voltage at the capacitor banks is controlled both by the microprocessor system and by an independent circuit.
Emergency off The magnetizer is equipped with an emergency off button on the front side.

Discharge of capacitor banks

The capacitor banks are automatically discharged during malfunctioning of the system or during power failure. This can be done manually via the operating panel.

Fixture control

To recognize errors in the magnetizing fixture early, the ohmic resistance of the fixture is permanently controlled. If no fixture is connected or if the resistance exceeds 3W, any further magnetization will be stopped and an error message will be issued.

Current monitor

The output current is measured and displayed during magnetization. The minimum and maximum limit values can be selected via the control board. The system will be switched off when these limit values are exceeded.



Digital Outputs (to customer's PLC)

Number 8
Voltage DC 24V; external source
Current max. 500mA; short-circuit proof
Technique P switching or M/P switching
Standard IEC1131 (24VDC)

Digital Inputs (to customer's PLC)

Number 8
Voltage 5 - 34V
Input typ. 2.2 kOhm
Standard IEC1131 (24VDC)

Serial Interfaces

Standard RS 232C
Connector 9-pole plug DB-9
Baud Rate max. 9600 Baud


Display Example


Standard Accessories

  • Operating manual (German or English)
  • Short manual (Customer's language)
  • Complete schematics
  • List of recommended spare parts
  • Set-up manual
  • Troubleshooting
  • Parts lists
  • CE-Declaration



Manual selection of pulse type (e-shape, sine-shape or demag pulse) Processing of external measuring signals to control the calibration or quality control (Hall probes, fluxmeters etc.)
Electronic selection of pulse type (e-shape, sine-shape or demag pulse)

External control and signal elements (e.g. hand or foot pedal switch)

Additional high-current outputs Realization of simple additional control sequences
Connection to the magnetizing fixture via high-current plugs Adaptation of line voltage
Special enclosures (higher degree of IP protection)  


Basic Data

Dimensions depending on type
Weight depending on type
Protection IP 20 according to DIN 40050 (touch protection; protection against medium-sized objects diameter >12mm; no water-protection); Option: higher protection degree.
Color RAL7035 light gray , RAL7030 stone gray


Power Supply

600W Charging Unit

230V AC +- 10% ; 16 A; 1 Phase; 50Hz +- 5%; approx. 2.5kVA
110V AC +- 10% ; 32 A; 1 Phase; 60Hz +- 5%; approx. 2.5kVA

1.8kW Charging Unit

400V AC +- 10% ; 16 A; 3 Phases; 50Hz +- 5%; approx. 7.5kVA
200V AC +- 10% ; 16 A; 3 Phases; 60Hz +- 5%; approx. 7.5kVA

3.6kW Charging Unit

400V AC +- 10% ; 32 A; 3 Phases; 50Hz +- 5%; approx. 15kVA
480V AC +- 10% ; 28 A; 3 Phases; 60Hz +- 5%; approx. 15kVA

Other line voltages can be realized without any problems.



12 months