Industrial Gaussmeter IGM11

Complete functionality for industrial application. Data storage on PC or control via standard interfaces. Digital interface.



The industrial gaussmeter IGM11 is used to measure magnetic DC and AC fields. The measurands are flux density in Tesla or Gauss and the field strength in Amps per meter.

It has a high measuring accuracy with several built-in features.


Function Description

The IGM11 standardly measures with a compact axial probe (option). Also available transversal probes and special probes according to your requirements. All probes are equipped with EEPROMs for identification, parametrization and linearization.

The measuring range is up to 4.5 (optional 10) Tesla for the flux density and 3800 (option 8500) kA/m for the field strength respectively. The resolution is down to 1µT or 1A/m.

Further features are peak hold (positive and negative), linearity adjustment, null balance and automatic limit value monitoring. The measuring values can easily be visualized and stored on the PC or a control. Service and control functions are also available with the software.

The device can be parameterized via the control keys or via a Windows program using the USB interface.


Technical Data

Display Graphics LCD (illuminated)
Units Tesla [T] Gauss [G] / Oersted [Oe] Ampere/Meter [A/m]
Mesasuring Ranges
10 T / 1 mT 100 kG, kOe / 10 G, Oe 8500 kA/m / 1 kA/m
1 T / 100 μT 10 kG, kOe / 1 G, Oe 1000 kA/m / 100 A/m
100 mT / 10 μT 1 kG, kOe / 100 mG, mOe 100 kA/m / 10 A/m
10 mT / 1 μT 100 G, Oe / 10 mG, mOe 10 kA/m / 1 A/m
Accuracy DC ±0.5 % to 1.5 T or. ±1 % from 1.5 T; Peak ±2 %; AC ±2 %
Power Supply

11.5…26.5 V DC,  2.4W (200mA/100mA)

Frequency Range

DC / AC 0 Hz..5 kHz (r.m.s. value)

Temperature Range

0°C…+55°C (not bedewing)

Peak Hold

tsignal > 250μs


approx. 72 x 90 x 63 mm3 (WxHxD), assembly on cap rail


approx. 150 g



(Special probes available)

  • Axial probe (accessory)

  • All probes
    Active area ⌀ 0.15 mm
    Cable length: Standard 1.5 m (other lengths available)
    Robust M8x1 connectors
    Integrated EEPROM
  • USB 2.0 for parametrization
  • EIA-232
  • Ethernet 10MBit / 100MBit
  • Data protocol RFC 854
  • 3 dig. inputs 24V, 4 dig. outputs 24V,
    function parameterizable, PLC compatible

The specifications are subject to change without notice.

Data Sheet IGM11