Hand Gaussmeter HGM09s with Polarity Indicator

Complete functionality with only 4 push buttons.

Data storage on a personal computer via keystroke.

The MAGSYS HGM09s stands out due to simplest operation and a good price/performance ratio.

The handheld gaussmeter HGM09s is used to measure magnetic DC and AC fields. The measurands are flux density in Tesla or Gauss and the field strength in Amps per meter.

The HGM09s is supplied with rechargeable batteries and it is very handy to use as a portable device.

For stationary use it is equipped with a power supply unit and a USB cable (included in delivery) acting as additional battery charger.

However, it has a high measuring accuracy with several built-in features.



The HGM09s is standardly equipped with a transversal probe.

An axial probe and a thin transversal probe for the measurement inside small gaps are also available. All probes are equipped with EEPROMs for identification, parametrization and linearization.

The measuring range is up to 4.5Tesla for the flux density and 3800kA/m for the field strength respectively. The resolution is down to 1µT or 1A/m.

Additional features

  • Peak hold (positive and negative)
  • Linearity adjustment
  • Null balance
  • Battery condition indicator with energy-saving mode

The measuring values can easily be visualized and stored on the PC by pressing a key via the USB interface and a software package. Service and control functions are also available with the software.


Technical Features

Display   Graphics LCD
Measuring Range Resolution Tesla [T]
Gauss [G] - Oersted [Oe]

Amps/Meter [A/m]

      4.5 T 1 mT

45 kG
45 kOe

10 G
10 Oe

 3800 kA/m 1 kA/m
  1 T 100 µT 10 kG
10 kOe
1 G
1 Oe
 1000 kA/m 100 A/m
  100 mT 10 µT 1 kG
1 kOe
100 mG
100 mOe
 100 kA/m 10 A/m
  10 mT 1 µT 100 G 10 mG  10 kA/m 1 A/m
Accuracy   DC ±0.5 % up to 1.5 T and ±1 % from 1.5 T; Peak ±2 %; AC ±2 %
Frequency Range   DC / AC 0 Hz..5 kHz (r.m.s. value)
Peak Hold   tsignal > 250 µs
Interface   USB; incl. software for easy data storage on a personal computer (included in delivery)
Power Supply   Power supply unit 100..240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.3 Amax
USB interface
Rechargeable battery 2 x AA 1.2 V NiMH (exchangeable)
- completely included in delivery -
Dimensions   approx. 145 x 80 x 40 mm3
Weight   approx. 250g incl. battery, without probe
Temperature Range   -10°C .. +40°C (not bedewing)
Measuring Probe  
  • Standard transversal probe N:
    dimensions approx 3.5 x 1.35 x 46 mm3 (included in delivery)
  • Axial Probe:
    Dimensions approx. 4 mm Ø x 60 mm
  • Transversal Probe S:
    Dimensions approx. 3.5 x 0.75 x 46 mm3

All Probes:

  • Active area Ø 0.15 mm
  • Holder approx. 11 mm Ø x 100mm
  • Cable length: 1.5 m (special lengths available)
  • Integrated EEPROM


The specifications are subject to change without notice.